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    I just recently creates a sports site, yeah i know... but so i was looking for advertisers (yes, yes the regular AM's on this forum, i will be adding you shortly). But Sports Interaction sent emails out today from cj for their program and mentioned an interactive odds ticker. nice.

    I thought.

    Anyone else look at this mess? Coding errors, it links to befree, with a notice of - "YOUR SITE ID HERE" in the befree link. But yet the program is on CJ?

    Kind of scares me off them.

    Anyone use them? Anyone use any other sportsbook companies? I remember way back when CJ used to post reversal stats, almost every sportsbook had over 50% reversals, so I am not planning on buying a house with the money, but it fits the site, so I would like to use someone.


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    January 18th, 2005
    We have used and on CJ) and converted ok. The only problem with sports betting/casino websites is that most VISA/Mastercards do not work with them. The customer has to use a debit card or some other lesser known type of credit payment to open an account.

    We have deemphasized sportsbooks because of this. Plus there is the pending question as to whether Congress is going to ban them for U.S. residents.

    But good luck to you.

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    Concerning that sports interaction;

    It would be great if you weren't assaulted by the darned pop-ups. When someone clicks in, pop, pop -- and then you get off, pop - pop. By the time I closed all pop ups I counted 5 pop ups.

    I was so upset just testing the dang thing, decided not to piss my customers off also!


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    Thanks Sandra, I normally leave popup blocking off when searching for sites (but one when just randomally exploring). I had it on.

    Thanks Steve, yeah, I know sportsbooks in general suck but since I have sports fans at the site, and a leak to a sportsbook isn't going to take away from a link to sports clothing store etc, I figure i might as well at least have some in the links page, but the odds scrolling by is a nice touch, if it worked.


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