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    topic: Don't believe the last guy... the RemindU software is OPTIONAL!, 10/31/03
    Reviewer: Jason J

    Thats full of **** it might be optional but how many members understand this there remindu service is not only un-ethical advertising but it can effect your computer too. Actually a friend of mine downloaded upromise software and registered because he thought it was cool to help his kids save for college, now he could not even surf the internet, internet options were changed, and after I went over to
    his house as he was interested in this biz. (affiliate marketing) Well I told him you gotta remove that because your computer will have crashed and he already was having computer issues, So I uninstalled it and he now could surf the internet okay. So this member jasonj(member) doesn't have a clue about the software, and to me he must be a staff member. Anyway like you all know I am going to keep on disliking parasiteware until the companies fix there software!

    to parasites.

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    Post your story Jason to the link on the thread I posted earlier today. Same sponsors of the Do-not-call list and do-not-email list are seeking to pressure Congress and FTC with the identity theft, system crippling, spam enabling Adware/Spyware programs.

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