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    I am wondering if anyone know if you can use the SID code to track which links someone used when using the datafeed links that go directly to pages? I have it set-up that way, but my click-through rate appears very low. CJ has been very slow to respond to my questions.


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    You can place any information you want into the SID field as long as it doesn't break up the query string example don't use an & or , or an = etc.

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    Actually, I got a reply from CJ already. It turns out because the datafeed files already have one variable, I had the SID code entered incorrectly. The correct format CJ sent me for SID code plus link to product page would be:

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    and try not to use hyphens in the SID either because CJ uses hyphens to split fields in the cookie, so hyphens in the SID need to be encoded by CJ which makes for problems.

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