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    The Gator online advertising network is testing a new paid search product that lets rivals poach on each other's territory in one of the Net's hottest new marketing venues.
    Search Scout, launched in December, triggers a pop-under window when Gator members search on a site such as Google and Yahoo. The window lists search results tied to keywords purchased through competing search services.

    A small "info" tag on the results says they originate from "top search engines." During the test phase, Gator is using results from paid search kingpin Overture Services, Terra Lycos and

    Mark Mitford
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    Very intersting twist. I wonder if publishers will now stop advertising with Overture given that they are technically participating in a "parasite by proxy" relationship?


    Wayne Porter
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    AffTrack LLC.
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    Hello Mark & Wayne,

    Very interesting news and certainly a good point made by Wayne about publishers continuing to advertise with Overture based on on "parasite by proxy" relationship.

    We will have to watch for this.

    Thanks for the news about Search Scout, launched in December Mark. Team

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    Seems like some folks here started seeing gator search results in their logs prior to Dec. They didn't know what was up. From the few threads on the board about this, seems people aren't particularly happy about it (that is their ppc listings showing on gator).

    I personally quit using a particular ppc service after I had spoken with them extensively prior to listing and they assured me they no longer associated with any parasitic companies. Then I started seeing some in the traffic for them. I haven't used them since, and I won't again either. Not only out of principle, but the traffic sent was lousy and ineffectual.

    What found interesting was the statement in the article about google offering popup blocker in their tool bar. I didn't know about that and haven't seen it on mine. I'll have to go do some looking for it.

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    The Ad industry never ceases to amaze me as they re-invent new ways to reach new lows. Anywhere there is money up for grabs the Ad industry will seek a way to steal it with a gloss over spin tactic. Is their a common thread between CJ's lack of enforcement of the CoC & Overture bleeding advertiser accounts through parasitic relationships? Anyone want to guess how much of the PPCSE's keyword fees get drained by blind redirects to expired domain traffic and cookie setting popup hellholes?

    If you put money into a PPC account the folks behind it will calculate a way to drain it any way they can negating the quality of the click.

    Webmaster Mike

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> If you put money into a PPC account the folks behind it will calculate a way to drain it any way they can negating the quality of the click.
    That's right! And at the same time, they'll be telling you how wonderful THEY are!


    AFFILIATE MARKETING STANDARD: The site upon which the initial action to buy occurs is the site the commission is paid to. Period.

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