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    I'm just starting a few pages so I'm totally new at this. I went to a few merchants and selected some "No shipping" and "$$ of a $$ purchase" and made some links.

    I did this from the "Create Links" etc. Once I put them up and clicked on them, they took me to the merchants site and the "special" had expired. One expired in January of this year!

    First off, how do you know if the special has expired unless you click on it? Why are these links still up if the special is expired? Is this common? Dell had a full page, advanced link I believe. When I previewed them, almost all of them were dead links.

    Is this common? Does the datafeed include the specials/coupons? Is there a better place to get reliable information than the affiliate program?


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    Are you talking about CJ or linkshare ?

    Yes, most merchants are not updating their promotion links in a timely manner.

    And most promotion links do not have a clear description of their exp. date. Some good merchants are doing this well in fact.

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    As most merchants take care of their link inventory, it’s normally not an issue. What I found useful was to create a separate email address from a free service, and then have all my merchant email go there.

    To display a sale I only use those sales from the merchants willing to send me their promotions in email. Just about every single merchant I maintain are nice enough to send me an email with the promotion, link options to the sale and my PID already inserted in link.

    My favorite merchants send me a full-page ad sale HTML and all the above options so I can decide which works best for me.

    The reason I prefer email - I can get so busy that unless I get that reminder forget it --- I will forget to sign-in or whatever some have set up.

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    Expired creative is one of the things i hate, like i made reference too in my petco post in the LinkShare forum yesterday. Big time waster, we should be able to go and get links and TRUST that they are up to date and working.

    "The successful man is the average man, focused."

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    For promotion banners:

    The best way to do for the merchants is
    auto updating the graphics PLUS landing urls themselves, instead of their affiliates.

    Do the math:
    The merchant do the work ONE time and all banners in all affiliates' sites are updated instantly, without one second delay or banner code mistake.

    The stupid way:
    The merchant ask his 1000+ affiliates week after week to delete the expired offer banners and then log in to the account to HUNT the new creatives code and update their sites in a timely manner.

    Only small number of affiliates can tolorate such stupid way to do thing.

    P.S. use auto-updating banners please

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