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    I noticed while looking for links that ebags is now with CJ. 2 or 3 questions...

    1. Will commissions earned with Befree be transferred?
    2. Are they a host for parasites?? If yes you need not answer #3
    3. Will I have to re-apply? (now says I have no relationship)


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    Actually eBags moved there last month.

    They will not transfer the commission.

    Some people like Befree and some like CJ.

    They now offer their services at both networks.

    You do need to sign up with them in CJ if you want to use CJ.

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    Better question to ask is how trustworthy is their single site shopping cart when tasked to have both BF and CJ referral cookies having to get parsed upon final checkout.

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    Sandra is right and now has a program with both Be Free and Commission Junction. Both offer the same payout and terms. Feel free to work with the network of your choice. – extremely trustworthy and will track all sales back to each network. With above average conversions numbers, you should give them a try.

    Jeffrey Reberry

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