I've sort of posted a current dileman see Here about US outdoors

Anyhow last week I wanted a merchant to allow Advanced linking, since they didn't have product links ( sorry I'm not database person) anyhow, This merchant told me, He didn't allow people to advance link because he couldn't see where the sale came from orignally, and was easily confused with PPC, etc.

He said he didn't trust CJ 100%, and that there's been cases of multiple sales from multiple affiliates claiming the same sale.

Then Now I have case with US outdoors, not converting, thinking it was a seperate issue, but now studying it all, I see I think they are also paraniod, and instead of dis allowing advanced linking, they just aren't crediting the sales, (Now they are the last 2 days).

So how many merchants are like this???

And I really hate it when one day they allow it, and the next they pull this feature as well.

Stuff that drives me crazy.

I'm not bashing CJ here, but I truely believe they really need to educate a merchant on advanced linking, or lower there fees for product linking or something.

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