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    Should I decide not to fight for my domain name on a trademark dispute, and voluntarily kill off my traffic to start all over again with a new domain for the same site ,
    would I have to change all the affiliate ID's and/or links, or can I keep the old links up ?

    I haven't decided yet what to do , as I believe that I'm being bullied here without cause , but I need to know how much of a mess I might be facing anyway, should I decide to whimp out of this situation with a vengeance towards the TM owner .

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    Sounds like a bad deal...hope it works out for you.

    I think you would need to change your affiliate ID's on your pages, especially if you did not own the original domain. If you were to keep the domain, without any links, many merchants at CJ might look at it and not accept you as there was nothing listed in the domain.

    Switching ID's is easy if you have the right software. I use Dreamweaver and can replace my ID's in a matter of minutes.

    Hope I'm on track here and of some help. Good luck with the tradename dispute.

    Ron - 7 Days A Week Marketing

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    You should be able to just go into your cj account and delete the old domain and add the new one in there and not have to change any links.

    Your affiliate id shouldn't have to change.

    Connie Berg

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    Why not go ahead and buy a new domain name that is close and reroute your traffic, add an account to your CJ account manager and change the codes.

    When this is all done simply redirect traffic and post a bookmark change notice. Within 6 months you should be able to shut down that domain or keep it and change the products on it.

    Example: The site now is about golf goods, site name is Change the products to golf games only and promote your game stuff.

    Its my opinion you could get your redirected site started and keep your traffic then when the time comes you can start to build the new site and get twice the buck!

    I hope this helps

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