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    Well, I used one of these so-called web promotion tools the other day for - and I wished I hadn't now. is a complete bag of cack - not only does it submit to dozens of search engine that don't exist, it spams everything else in sight and fails completely to get you listed in anything.

    OK it wasn't expensive, but if I get blacklisted for spamming it will have done more harm than good. Better to do it manually I think.

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    Try addace at It is a manual program but uses auto fill for the forms on the search engine pages. It has most of the major search engines included. they provide a freeware version that has adds on it when you use it. the ads are not noticable.

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    You can also try for free.

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    I wonder if it would be worth it to start a website optimization and submission business. Say for x amount of dollars you work with a client and get their site listed in various directories and engines plus link popularity with other related sites.

    Hmmm, there are so many already out their but how many are very good and reasonable?

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    I think this is the best one...

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