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    This might be of some interest to everyone.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    How Does Yahoo's New Algorithm Affect SEO Efforts?

    The changes in Yahoo's algorithm will affect the positioning of listings. Yahoo has shifted its focus on listing sites in alphanumeric order to keyword density and placement in the title, description and
    URL of a site.

    Web site owners who have previously optimized their sites by focusing on alphanumeric importance will now need to reconsider their SEO efforts. As keyword
    density and placement factors now weigh more heavily than alphanumeric and category factors in Yahoo, web site owners will need to look at tweaking their site's title, description and URL.

    With keyword density, web site owners will need to pay close attention to the ratio of keywords versus non-keywords appearing in their site's title, description and URL.

    The placement of keywords in your site's title, description and URL also plays an important role in optimizing your site for Yahoo. With the changes in Yahoo's algorithm, it is better to put your keyword
    phrase as close as possible to the beginning of your title, description or URL.

    More expertise is now required when optimizing your site for inclusion in Yahoo's index. Professional keyword research and copywriting should be sought if web site owners are to comply with Yahoo's new algorithm.

    Source : newsletter

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    I rarely use Yahoo now as a surfer anyway - the directory is way out of date and needs some serious work.

    Google is eclipsing it I feel, because of the neat way it combines ODP data and its own index.

    And I don't fancy $299 for Yahoo. :eek:

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