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    Just in ....

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Overture has signed an agreement to become the Pay-For-PerformanceT search
    provider to Yahoo!'s millions of users. As a result of this deal and
    the holiday season, Overture's Premium ListingsT advertisers can anticipate
    a significant increase in high quality traffic. To get the benefit of
    additional targeted leads for your business, you must be listed in Premium
    ListingsT (the top three positions), and you should increase the funds
    in your account.

    Details on the Exciting News
    Users who conduct searches at will see search results that
    include Overture's top three search listings at the top of the page in
    a section called "Sponsor Matches." Users will also see two Overture
    listings at the bottom of the page in a section called "More Sponsor
    Matches." This agreement will be implemented over the next two weeks,
    beginning on Thursday, November 15, 2001.

    How to Take Advantage of this Increased Traffic
    You need to do two things to ensure you receive the benefits from this
    new agreement:
    * First, make sure your business is listed in Premium Listings T (the
    top three positions).
    * Second, check that you have adequate funds in your account so your
    account will stay online.

    You can use DirecTraffic CenterĀ® [] to deposit
    additional money into your account and increase your bids to ensure you
    are in the top three positions so you don't miss out on any targeted


    I dont know if this is good or bad?...If you have good top listings with Yagoogle .... It's bad. :mad:


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    The whole dang thing is going craps up. I think Pranav is the one on the right track. Offline advertising utilizing online business could be a better mix.

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    Two crap hole operations sounds like a match made in heaven. I have no respect for a company that throws away the people (affiliate marketers) that made them successful.

    Bend Overture the Taliban of search engines.

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    Trying to think of the exact word for it, maybe: extortion, payola, blackmail?

    Vicki [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    Here's the scenario I see...

    Yahoo notices that a lot of their Yahoo Shopping customers are going elsewhere. Further investigation shows OverSure as the source of this competition.

    They decide they have to do something about this...

    They get together in their smoky boardroom and cook up a plan...

    They've noticed how OverSure will do things to get partnerships. So they propose one. One that'll require OverSure to screw most of their customers!

    OverSure is glad to do whatever it takes to get a partnership with big old Yahoo. The money seems worthwhile, so they whistle as they screw most of their customers and chase them away!

    They get the Deal. Little do they know that Yahoo is having a big party in that smoky boardroom. They know that soon, very soon, the competition will be over.

    To keep the Deal, OverSure continues screwing their customers. They believe Yahoo's claims about "relevancy" 100%.

    When OverSure has screwed so many customers that they cannot survive without the Deal, YANK!!! Yahoo'll rip the rug out from under them and cancel the contract! Competition over. Yahoo wins. Even a breach of contract suit won't bring enough to save the hollowed-out corpse of OverSure.

    That's my take on it...OverSure is bending over and taking it without even realizing what's going on!!!

    [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: Leader ]

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    Since Bend Overture has so may partnerships, I wonder if a class action (for some type of anti-trust violation) would be feasible. It is certainly something to explore. I think the argument could be made that they are nearing monopolistic control of the search engine business and that they are arbitrarily denying listings, which illegally denies webmasters access to the market.

    [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: malibber ]

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    Ahh but Leader it gets better and if you order before midnight tonight we'll throw in FREE a set of Ginsu Knives. I think it plays out even further with Oversure looking short term as Webmasters from everywhere will see this as an opportunity to get into Yahoo. Sure as heck beats $299.00. Oversure collects some temporary cash, feels great, rolls over and bites the big one with Yahoo stepping forward absorbing Overanddone and demanding that if sites want to stay listed they pay a listing fee plus the bidded clicks. Many will say screw you but many will suck it up and spend the cash to get at those viewers that Yahoo enjoys. Game, Set and Match as Yahoo cuts out the small fry in favor of the big guns who will gladly pony up the bucks to play. IMHO.


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    And all this competition means that somewhere, un-noticed, unfinanced and off the radar someone is planning to attack them both and while they fool around doing each other the new guy get's the gold.

    I may not pull it off, but I'm going to try to do it.

    Stay tuned...who knows where evil lurks...the shadow does. har-har-har

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    WOW - A day in the Life of Affiliate Marketiers. We freakin face a layoff or strike or paycut everytime the sun sets. What next??? Can't these idiots just manage a feasible business.

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