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    Anyone ever heard of such as thing as incentivised leads?

    eg. People must sign up for something to get something from a site.

    I know programs such as Netflip does this. Is it allowed in bug networks such as cj, linkshare or directleads??

    Any help appreciated!!
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    Excellant speeling error! One of the best and most accurate I've seen yet<IMG src=>

    For the networks you asked about as far as I am aware the answer is no. I do know that a lot of incentive based affiliate marketing does happen at It's not the policy so you have to contact each merchant yourself to get permission to do so.

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    CPA Bank also does alot with incentived traffic.


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    Just about every New Offer Announcement I get from CPA Bank states:
    This offer is not authroized for use on incentivized sites.

    (& that is a copy & paste.. complete with authorized spelt wrong... every email)

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    Thanks to everyone for their replies. I can see why abestweb is the best affiliate forum now. No bad replies, just helpful comments and suggestions.

    Thanks again. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    There are three kinds of incentivized traffic.

    1. Is having your banner or link on a game or sweepstake site where the viewer has to
    click on it to get to play the game or sweepstakes -- The type of traffic generated here is the worst of the worst traffic.

    2. Is the rewards type deal where you get a piece of the whatever is being offered. For example, you get and offer to sign up for a game site. If you do sign up you get say $.25 and the guy sending you the offer gets $.25. -- This type of traffic could be good or not depending on what you plan to do with the information you collect from having the people join. It pretty much sucks in getting SALES.

    3. Is the pure pay to look at your site deal. You get paid for viewing a webpage, offer etc. This traffic can be targetted, general or a combination of the two. Normally, this traffic comes from a mailing list of people who agree to look at webpages for say 3 cents per view. Whether they buy anything or not or sign up for anything depends on their individual preferences. The are not paid to do anything but look at your site or offer. In effect, the people running this type of program are like a direct mail company that you pay to send to their list.

    This type of traffic can generate large numbers of sales or leads or site exposure depending upon the offer and your ability to get people to buy what you are offering. The one thing can do that no other type of advertising can do is generate a large amount of traffic to your site in a short time frame. The weak points of this traffic is that for the most part it is not specifically targeted. It's like putting an ad in a newspaper or magazine. The ad gets seen by x thousands of people who now know you exist. And since the viewer of the ad is getting something to actually go to the site advertised you get a much higher site viewership than you would otherwise. It's as if you sent out say 1,000 direct mail pieces and you get 50% or more to actually look at your offer. If you sell enough to pay for the cost of delivering the ad you make a profit, if you do not you don't.

    Traffic type number three is the second best type of traffic you can get - the best is PPS.- even better than free search because of the quantity of traffic factor relative to the ongoing cost of maintaining a web presence.

    The problem is that most people do not understand the differences in the types, uses and plus or minuses of incentivized traffic.

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