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    January 18th, 2005
    I must be be having a bad hair day today but I've got another question/gripe I need to air.

    According to overtures search suggestion tool the term Pay per click search engine software received over 11 thousand searches in October.

    There are only about five bidders for that term so I went about getting that traffic the free way and targetted a page just for that.

    I hold #6 or the first nonbidded listing. Hey great job right? No wrong answer I've only gotten about 4 visits.

    So I wonder what happened. Is my description that bad? I don't think so. Could it be that the 11 thousand searches was just a fluke thing. Maybe but I still don't think so.

    So what is it? Does overture count it's results as all of the results it's associated with on the web or are they inflating traffic counts?

    Does anyone know how they make that count? Even if they count all of the sites I would still think my listing would usually show up. I've gotten some hits from and the other inktomi pushers but not very much from any of them.

    Another thing and this is for subscribers to has any one else noticed big differences in the quantities of traffic from wordtracker results vs. the overture suggestion tool.

    I have noticed a difference of thousands on many terms.

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    You can check various databases on Wordtracker, and you'll see the results for that search engine. Though often if the searches are high in BendOversure they are also high in Google, it certainly is not always true. I found one recently with thousands on BendOversure's suggestion tool (oh, my that doesn't sound good, does it?), which only had less than a hundred on Google that month.

    If BendOversure's suggestion tool (yeesh) does indeed include all partner searches (ahem), then that would make sense why you didn't get the traffic. Only their top 3 supposedly make it into the partner traffic.

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    Don't forget about all of that crap software which automatically searches & then spams you that your bid is 4.56% too high after visiting your site through your link costing you money.

    That's why you see some crazy amount of searches for some rediculous terms.

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    Heyder--a lot of those flukes come from AskJeeves. Every month, AJ will feature a few questions where you can just "Ask!" and it brings up a list. Some of these pre-done questions (I think they say, "others are asking..." or something like that) are pretty weird.

    These pre-done questions either show on Ask Jeeves,, or one of their variants (I forget just which one of theirs it is, exactly, but it's one of their family of sites). Typically you'll see some RIDICULOUS amount of searches for one of the featured questions.

    Anyway, these feed into OverSure and give all kinds of hokey results. But by the time they show in the Tool, they're off of Ask Jeeves' site so when you bid, you get hardly any hits (if any). Compounding the difficulty is the fact that AJ will typically only send PART of the question over as a query, so you just see some idiotic-looking snippet most of the time.

    Sometimes there's gold in catching those searches (while they're still running), but a lot of times it's a money-eater because those searchers just clicked a question that caught their eye (as opposed to really giving a darn about the item/subject). It's a pretty high-stakes gamble even at cheap-cheap bids because of the great volume of (usually dud) clicks AJ can send at OverSure with one of these pre-formatted questions.

    "Only their top 3 supposedly make it into the partner traffic.~Webmistress"

    SUPPOSEDLY is right!!! Sometimes they surprise you by putting a "non-premium" listing in full distribution--racking the bill up quick when you don't expect it! Not only that, the full distribution brings crap traffic that doesn't like to convert.

    There is also a "partial distribution" layer they don't admit to. But a lot of my listings that aren't "premium" (but aren't too low in the rankings) show up on SOME partner sites--just not as many, or apparantly as often, as the listing which they insist on keeping in full distribution. This second tier has a much better CR than the "premium" level.

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    I had the same experience with Findwhat (I don't even bother with Over(priced)ture. FW's search tool said the terms (combined) that I wanted got about 40,000 searches a month, so I figured in the top spot, I'd net about 10% of that. Ha, ha. I got a handful at best. I don't know how Over(priced)ture calculates its number of searches, but I don't trust any of the PPC search suggestion tools. I think they are all overinflated.

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    I see how the results might be flogged but isn't that kind of false advertising. Here we are to believe that there are results when truely they are not available.

    Also just to clarify I didn't bid on the term, instead I made a page and submitted it to inktomi which shows up on goto results.

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