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    how can it effect my ranking?

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    Depends entirely on what you do with it I suppose. The worst that can happen is you drop in rank for a month, unless you do something really bad.

    Do you have incoming links? Like from other sites? Google loves that.

    What I did was use Webposition Gold page critic to get my pages about right for AltaVista, made the pages a bit longer and got some incoming links. This worked just fine.

    If you use WPG only use the page critic. Don't use the doorway page creator and don't use it to check your position in search engines (I heard something about search engines knowing you've done this and not liking it. It might be just a rumour, but I didn't want to find out the expensive way).

    I don't use WPG any more because I've got the idea now, but you might want to try it.

    Sorry if you know all this stuff already... you didn't say what your level of technical skill was. How big is your site? And how is it organized?


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    It depends on what you do with it.

    I've redesigned some pages (basically improving the looks) and gotten a rank increase. This especially works well if you clean up iffy coding.

    But I improved the looks of another page and it lost a PageRank...

    In both instances, the only thing that really changed was how the page was laid out, and the coding was improved.

    If the content is changed substantially (in this case, by "content" I mean the basic substance of what's on it, whether ads, text, pix, etc), usually I notice that the page in question disappears for an index cycle while they decide what to do with it. Just changing some banners doesn't do it, but if an entire page promoted Brick Houses before and now it promotes Clothing, it'll probably get this effect. Note that I say "probably"--nothing seems too sure with Google!

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    good question,
    good answers!

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