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    Saw in ABW submit section about only 2 pages per domain..
    Never seen this before, is submitting extra pages from the site recommended to build more traffic. Whle I would think it it would broaden the base of pages that may show up, how may it effect the search engines who suggest they don't need or want multiple submissions? Small print can certainly be missed and what would consequences be if more pages are submitted if we missed the info they had on this on their inclusion pages.

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    SE General Rule of thumb:
    Submit no more than 2 pages per domain per day that focus on different keywords to avoid spamdexing. Avoid submitting more than 30 pages per domain at any time.

    Specific SE Rules

    Submit nor more than 2 per domain per day. No more than 30 URLS per day

    Submit only 2 per domain per day. AltaVista will only accept 10 URLs per domain in a 24-hour period; if you submit more than 50 URLs in a 24-hour period, your domain will be removed from the AltaVista database altogether. Submit your site's gateway page unless you have pages in your site that aren't linked to the main page for higher long term ranking.

    Inktomi based - Submit only 2 per domain per day.

    Submit only 2 per domain per day.


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    I used to submit many urls manually by hand - it never seemed to work - then I used several submitting serices - i paid for one url and got just that - Now I use add we web and submit all urls once a month - on a weekly basis - a wizard helps build your pages and gives ranking sugestions and also wont over submit your urls- i find a wiazard the best - go to they offer a list of several such wizards

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