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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>As An E-Commerce Exchange Affiliate, We Have A SPECIAL Advertising Offer For You!

    We often get a lot of requests for ideas on effective advertising. While there are many strategies that work, it''s often difficult to help everyone achieve marketing success.

    So, we have developed an advertising co-op program that will help you MAKE MORE MONEY with the
    E-Commerce Exchange Affiliate Program. We will put your banner ad in a rotation on one of our portal sites. This particular program offers magazines @ wholesale and has been a great lead generator and income producer for us. We normally charge $119.95 per year for this advertising solution - but we have a special year-end offer for all E-Commerce Exchange affiliates!!

    We will put your E-Commerce Exchange CJ-Affiliate url in this ad co-op for only $59.95 FOR A FULL 12 MONTHS!!

    As you know, you will earn $250 for just one merchant account sale - so a $59.95 investment for 12 full months in the program is an extraordinary offer.

    The upcoming months can be the best time of the year for the merchant account business and we want all of our E-Commerce Exchange affiliates to benefit from this.

    To sign-up for the ad co-op and take advantage of this limited time offer, simply click here:

    and complete the order form. Please put this code "CJ-1201" in the comments section to have your ad remain active for 12 full months for a TOTAL of only $59.95

    **NOTE: Our "1/2 Price Special" is a limited-time offer and it EXPIRES After 12/31/01**

    To sign-up TODAY - Click Here:

    To Your Success,

    Joe Vates
    E-Commerce Exchange

    Gotta love it. The merchant offering the affiliates banner space for pay. Just gotta love it.

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    You gotta admit, they deserve some credit for trying.


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    Reminds me of that loan company I checked out last year. They were generous like that too. They said they paid a generous commission to all their affiliates. And to "help you sell" they would host your site on their server (for a monthly fee).

    If you didn't have a domain name, they would sell you one at a great price (for a yearly fee).

    If you didn't know how to design, they had on staff designers that would help you out (for a fee) or they would sell you a complete website, ready to go!

    And to top all that off, they were offering two bonus specials for signing up. One was a discount on their yearly membership fees and the other was to sign you up with the PPC of your choice AT NO CHARGE! Wow, what a deal!

    I'm just glad I can look back and laugh at them now. Thanks go to Haiko and members of this board for the education that enabled us to recognize scams like this.


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    a couple of things...

    it seems to me that a magazine site should be concentrating on selling magazines just as an insurance place should be selling insurance, when did you ever hear of an insurance place selling web design and hosting before, i cant even begin to explain whats up with that, in any case it gives the appearance that magazine and insurance sales aren't going too well for those particular companies

    anyhoo, moving on, look at this statement
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>We will put your banner ad in a rotation on one of our portal sites<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    the first thing i notice is "on one of our portal sites"
    could this be a portal site that gets no traffic? could it be an adult portal? who knows? but for sure it doesn't say "We will put your banner ad in a rotation on"

    now lets say they do in fact mean your banner would be shown at,

    firstly, how many other suckers, oops i mean affiliates banners will they show in rotation? 20? 2000? 20,000?
    it wouldnt be much good being #19,999

    secondly, looking at their website, i see they are using a cgi-bin for displaying banners so what evidence would you have that your banner was being shown?

    thirdly, we all know by now that nobody clicks on banner ads anyway

    this is beyond a joke, i'm going to double check that im not signed up with these

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