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    January 17th, 2005
    Is anyone here listed in If so, does it give any reasonable traffic?

    I've heard that is a backdoor into looksmart if you can get your site into it. How much traffic do people get from looksmart? Preferably from the games type sites if anyone has one listed?

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    Sorry, no games site. But I can say that with Gardening, it was a complete waste of time... I think I got about 2 hits. Probably from the Zeal editors!

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    January 17th, 2005
    I get a tiny bit of traffic from Zeal and LookSmart.

    As for getting listings in Zeal, you generally need to have a "non-commercial" site, although there are exceptions in some cases. (For example, if you had a page on a commercial games site about modified gaming hardware or software for disabled gamers, Zeal might list it in a disabilities category even though your site otherwise would require paid submission through LookSmart.)

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    The good thing about zeal is that it gets you into other search engines (if youre not already listed) like msn, excite, altavista and of course looksmart. I doubt that the public hardly use zeal. If your games site has a little bit of content you might get in, it just depends on the editor.

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