Pay per click search engines are multiplying like rabbits. But they all have the same chicken or the egg problem.

They need traffic to get people to bid and people who bid won't bid until they have traffic.

And bendOver has a taken an overdose of stupid pills.

I'm just about pissed off enough to go do my own PPC.

If we were me doing it. I'd have minimum of key words - free, advertising, computers, games, shopping, home & garden, etc.

Maybe 50 at the most. Then I'd make a series of links and banners that target each WORD.

And I would limit the number of bidders to 20, 10 on two pages. Each front page bid would have to be at least 5 cents. Each 2nd page bid would have to be 4 cents.

After I filled up the 2 pages for a category, I add a third with a minimum bid of 3 cents per click. After that you simply say SOLD OUT for that word.

And I would have a, CLICK HERE TO BOOKMARK XYZ SEARCH, in big bold letters somewhere on everypage that automatically book marks the home page.

I'd pay the affiliates 10 cents per click thru tracked as a lead.

Then I'd contact all the biggie companies and good affiliate marketers and give them a chance to bid for a spot if they decline they CAN NEVER get in the game.

Example: Dell, you want to buy a position on on our computer search page for 5 cents per click with a minimum of $500 to get listed to help us get started?

If they say NO, then they can never get a listing on the front page or if you want to be real hard case on any page.

First guy to put $500 our procket gets spot one and so on until you fill the 20 slots. When they use up their $500 they now have to bid for the spot.

And I would sell a keyword banner spot that rotates at $15/1,000 with a maximun of 7 rotating spots.

The rotating banner income is our profit.

You will get a ton of traffic and the bids will start to rise up. Pretty soon you will have the top 10 all bidded in at $.10 or higher. And it shouldn't take more than 5 to 10 people to run the whole show with each one responsible for 5 keywords and couple of people to supervise.

Oh and I would have a FREE ezine that is sent out ONCE a week and use our DataTracker to automatically subscribe all who wish to join.

After a bit - the 30 listed players will be getting all the best keyword traffic and those who didn't join when they were asked or missed out will have to go somewhere else.

Consider how much traffic would be sent if you had 500,000 affiliates making 10 cents per click thru tracked as leads.

You'd make Yahoo look like a piker for traffic.

And you'd have the biggest e-commerce ezine on the planet - and of course when you sent it out each week you would have a special link to a bid for page like my CoolStuff with a link back to search.

Anyone want to do it - I have the affiliate software and mega size server to handle all the affiliate stuff.

Basically it's simply having a series of
pages like my very cool classified page.

And if you wanted to blow away BendOver and the rest you could give each listing a banner
and set it up like my Sports Shoppe page.

All we need is a bit of seed money and some people to contact a bunch of potential bidders.

It ain't rocket science. And by the way, if you are a lucky 1/30 you can bid your slot and sell ad space on a banner farm to those that can't get in for that key word.

I'd be sort of like the NFL.