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    I was reading in a search engine optimization forum that if you have a clear dot gif, or a graphic etc, you can put alt= keyword keyword, keyword ect., You can find an example of what I am talking about at:
    After the page loads hold your mouse over the red bullets at the very top of the page.
    Is this in fact a legal way to get keywords on your page?
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    That much keyword stuffing contradicts what ALT tags are supposed to do, and while it might help a page in some search engines it will hurt in others, because they watch for words that appear on the page an unnatural number of times. Many search engines are giving less weight to ALT tags, because of abuse.

    Well constructed ALT tags make a page more informative to visitors with graphics turned off, and more accessible to anyone surfing with an audible browser reader. Write your ALT tags to be informative to your human users first, and if it makes sense to include a keyword here or there, do so, but stay natural and don't overdo it.

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    That's a bit much...

    Actually having some keywords (try to make it look more legit than that :rolleyes: ) in the Alt tags can help. But going overboard like that is likely to hurt--it's too obvious of an attempt to get high ranks, as opposed to serving some other purpose (like actually describing the picture).

    Also importantly, some engines will show the alt text in their description of the site if it appears near the searched-on keyword. So you may get a good ranking, but the searchers just see this Word Soup for a description, which lowers the click-through rate from the engine to your site!

    As for being penalized for it, if you're more discrete about it than that extreme example, you can probably get away with some of that.

    But it shouldn't look like a Meta-Keywords list that's been copied and pasted into the ALT tags. Like your Grandma would say about food and alcohol..."moderation is the key to good health".

    PS I always try to get some keywords in the tags. But not as an obvious list like the one on that site!

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