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    I am preparing to run a press release for one of my sites later this week and if someone is willing to handle the writing and the distribution of the release in exchange for quite a bit of advertising space, let me know and we can work out a mutually beneficial deal.
    The site in question is at:
    Animation Library
    The server is having some hickups right now, so it might be down when you look, we are working on fixing that.

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    The key stuff about press releases is this:

    <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Keep it short, about 3/4 paragraphs tops.
    <LI>Including quotes or writing that can be copy-and-pasted into the publication is great.
    <LI>Include lots of contact details, including your mobile/pager number.
    <LI>It's usual to include a footnote paragraph with some background details.[/list]

    Actually they're not too difficult so I'd advise you just to try it! Post it here if you like.

    If you want to see some real-life ones, have a look at these at Arrow Electronics (the outfit who I work for In Real Life).

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