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    i found my several page on top list when i click some sites under my site they have higher PR than me
    can explain?

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    It's a deep dark secret! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    But I'll spill the beans anyway.

    I'm assuming that by "top list" you mean that you got a higher listing in Google, than competing pages with higher PageRank did.

    The KEYWORDS on your page and in your title tag, are telling Google that your page is more relevant to that particular search term than your competition's pages (despite their higher page rank). The lessers are simply not sending a clear enough signal to the SE's indexing program that they are relevant to the category in question--but YOUR pages ARE sending that signal!

    IF everything besides the pagerank was equal, the higher pagerank would have the higher listing. But things AREN'T equal... There are differences in how the pages are written!

    A lot of content sites, for instance, like to comment about things not exactly "on topic". These "extra" topics confuse the engines, because they bring other keywords onto the page.

    And a lot of Commercial sites are trying to peddle many items on a page. If the items aren't related, there's also multiple, different keywords. This also confuses the engines.

    It seems that you, on the other hand, must have a search engine-friendly way of speaking, at least on your pages! I have to say Congratulations--it's a bit unusual to have that manner of page writing happen so soon, and apparantly without working on it!

    BTW, I've read (forgot where) that it's possible to get the equivalent of 2 extra pageranks with keyword optimization. Personally, though, I'd say the max is about 3. So if you have a page with a rank of 4, and you do well at keyword optimization, that page can be listed AS IF it had a 6 or a 7. Of course that only works if the pages with higher pagerank, do NOT do well at keyword op. themselves!

    (I hope I wrote that understandably enough. I haven't been to bed yet.)

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