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    Warning: This post contains my link to a page in which we might make money if you
    do something. I have no other link to the program as it is only a couple of days old.

    I don't care if you do anything or not - but checkout the idea -

    Need Website Exposure? Try This New Program
    From Marketing GURU, Sam Robbins.

    Here's The Basics How To Make It Pay Big.

    You Advertise On POP-UNDERS On Major Content
    Sites Like Billboard. Everytime Someone Leaves These Sites They See A Pop-Under Ad - YOURS.

    The pop-under is you make a mini banner of 730x480 and you make it read something like this:

    Thank You For Visiting Our Website. We Appreciate Your Visit. If You Have Time Here Are Two Websites You Should Visit - (then create two links to sites that pay you a click thru or one link to a click thru and one link to a high paying lead or a good converting sales page.

    Or you can do it like all the rest - create a 730x480 banner ad for your best converting sales page.

    You could also sell part of the space - i.e put your up your link and sell others space to cover your cost.

    If you are a player and have an 800# - you can't beat the price to run 1 million impressions directing people to call the 800#
    to buy your product.

    I think it's a killer idea to combine branding with traffic and focused ads for sales.

    Here's the link to check it out.

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    Hm, I'm a little hungry. Is this can of Spam any good?

    Let's see...

    Oh, a long pitch. I'm tired so I'll ignore all of that and get to the main points.

    When the window pops it's your site, not a special ad served from their server. Hm, a million hits. Just what I need, a bandwidth bill for the first time--and for dud showings no less.

    Popunders not annoying? Har-de-har, I can't stand 'em. Probably because I've read so many pitches that claim viewers won't notice the blatantly obvious hard drive noise that accompanies new windows, the little bar that shows up at the bottom of the screen (indicating that another window's open), or the telltale flash that happens when those things pop and then go under.

    The price for 10,000 views is nothing special...

    Holy ****, 6k. Oh, that's for a million pops. Let's see, 6k/1 million = $.006 I'm sure I could get a better deal. How about Tribal Fusion, $50 for 50k banners. THAT'S more like it, $.001 each! For a million, still $.001 each. No volume discount, but it's beating the competition already anyway. And I only have to serve a page if someone clicks. Plus I get branding--the name is on the banner. And a banner can't be X-ed without special ad-muncher software, or closing the page it's on. So at least subconsciously, the people are pretty likely to see it. But I've Xed popUNDERS before they've had a chance to load. As a matter of fact, I can drill down to that X almost as fast as I can get to a popUP's X!

    So I think I'll pass on this can...

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    You make the put whatever you want on them.

    I thought the price was a bit rich myself.

    And they are pop-unders which on the scale of things are a tad better than pop-ups. And the rules of use are okay.

    On the other hand using the 10,000 number to test a specific product or service offer to see if it actually makes sales is how I would recommend anyone use it.

    For example: you got a new product - you make a mini sales page that conforms to the
    730x480 size. You pays your $89 and you get
    10,000 real page views from generalized traffic - you make 100 sales, you have a winner. You make 0 sales you do not. You make some sales, you might have to try it again with a few changes.

    Claude Hopkins says to test everything - sales pages included. Normally you'd buy three ads for the same thing with different headlines - you use the one that makes the most sales for you national rollout. Then you do the same for the body copy and price.

    Then you blast it to the world because you have a proven commodity.

    1 million 'large scale sales page impressions' for $6k is not bad. The same size ad in almost any magazine costs more.

    What I'm interested in is not so much selling the thing, but figuring how to make the mimi sales page make a GUARANTEED profit.

    For example: Would a FREE copy (really free)
    of a magazine where you got $2 per lead make you more than $89?

    In the old days - I remember doing a deal with Free Shop and National Geographic where you got 5 cents a click plus $1 for each FREE catalog order of the NG Gift Catalog.

    We had just started the paid email - we had about 10,000 members and we got 1387 orders on 5673 click thrus.

    Almost got the same results for Cook's Garden
    Catalog on a similiar deal.

    It was good business. Something like that just might work with these pop-unders.

    Any ideas.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Oh, a long pitch. I'm tired so I'll ignore all of that <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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