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    This is so crazy my main site is in now in with a ranking but it scores only a big 2. It was a 6 before it got canned. It has about 20 pages of links in but of course you can’t see them, as Google doesn’t show them for sites with a 2. For all practical purposes a 2 is the same as a 0 for all of my search terms including my site’s proper name. I went six pages deep and I still couldn’t find my sites proper name. My other smaller sites that got canned are all still canned. That is they get a big zero again, and before the problems they were all 4s or 5s.

    This leads me to conclude (again based upon my own sites) that it is definitely something in the link algorithms that are causing me problems. I suspect that my biggest site had enough good links to overcome the 0 while my other smaller newer sites did not. The next index should catch my removal of the cross links on that site so hopefully I can pull myself out of the basement.

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    Despite what other people are saying, I think cross-linking was the issue. Let's face it, it worked for a while but not any more....

    Note: I would hurry with the editing - googlebot has been seeing crawling already for the next update......

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    I've seen the bot, too.

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    i think the bot is still crawling for THIS index

    this index is not complete yet, i still have pages and links listed that dont exist anymore

    at the moment most of my listings are exactly the same as last month, i fully expect to be left for dead by google by the time this new index is complete

    i noticed that it was at the back end of the previous 2 updates that the victims complaints started coming in thick and fast

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>i think the bot is still crawling for THIS index<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Oh, ya... the Little S hit is deep crawling our sites as I type this. It's now a competition between GoogleBot and Scooter on who is gonna ask for the most files.

    At least this time he didn't show up during the busy time of the day.


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    I just started checking the logs. Zyborg (Wisenutbot) is the one I've seen so far!

    A couple of hits from Googlebot and Scooter on another site...I would expect more to come.

    [ 01-27-2002: Message edited by: Leader ]

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