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    Lesson #1
    Never, ever, remove a non-performer between Google Indexes

    sigh... some of you may recall that a couple of weeks ago I was most pleased with my log file analysis which led me to discover that a non-performer I had removed was getting about 25 queries per day from last month's new google index. I replaced the non-performer and they immediately started performing. And have continued performing since.

    Of course, Google visited my site for this month's new index during the time the non-performers were off my site. That's right, no more traffic from google on those search terms.

    Which can be particularly heart-breaking when said search terms are very highly sought after items for a holiday that will occur prior to the next google index.

    (banging head on desk and weeping while trying to remember that this is an invaluable lesson and I'm lucky to have learned it so early in my affiliate career)

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    Guess where I learned to leave nonperformers up for a while? Yup, one of the places was indeed Google when the same thing happened to me!

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