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    January 17th, 2005
    Here I am, me, an innocent internet shopper, credit card clutched in mit. Off I go to Oversure planning on a little light shopping.

    Whats this? Oh no! All my favourite sites have gone! I think I'll email Over.

    ME: "I was looking on your search engine for some of my favourite sites, but mostly they seem to have gone. Is this permanent, or will they come back? I would think that some had closed, but it seems to have happened to a lot of sites all at once."

    OVER:[snip stuff about maybe the sites' servers were down] "Please give us another try. We think you'll agree that we provide search results that are highly relevant."

    ME:"I did. And now not a single one of my favourite sites are there. Do you
    really think all of them could be having server problems all at once?"

    OVER:"There are times when advertisers wish to temporarily take their account
    offline per their request. Another possible reason could be that their account balance depleted and if that occurs they will automatically be taken offline. Listings will not be displayed in any search results until they have had a chance to make another deposit. We will then resume sending targeted traffic when they make another deposit to cover future clickthroughs."

    See everyone? Its all your own faults for letting your account balances run down and asking to be taken offline yourselves. So there.


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    January 17th, 2005
    Wow !!!! <IMG src=> What BS!!! Oversure can dish it out huh.

    [ 01-28-2002: Message edited by: Packy ]

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    lolololololool, you know, they never replied to my three e-mails asking why every single search term that was relevant to my site was rejected, even though my site does not contain affiliate links, and each term followed their guidelines for relevancy. So I called 'em, and eventually got hold of a very nice lady, who said she would be happy to re-schedule a review for my site - in another five days or so.....lolololol. They have my money, so why should they hurry?


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