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    I figured I'd give Netflip another try with their keyword advertising . (Tried it last year for a small amount), and the "Get Paid to Click" suckers wiped out my advertising account in two days . Something has sure changed since then, and the traffic is coming in much , much slower this time.

    Last year, for the same keyword, I was instantly delivered a high volume of traffic , but this time, it's different. I wonder what changed ?

    So far, I have only spent about $1.50 in 24 hours. I know it's incentive traffic, but I'm not selling anything, and the offers on my pages that those "NetFlip" visitors seem to be responding to are "targeted", at least for them .

    They do seem to be responding to the "freebies", which are not available to them through Netflip as a cash bonus incentive offers. I didn't expect anything more than that.

    Something positive for a change , to be said for incentive traffic. No great windfall, but so far, the $1.50 bought me about $20.00 extra in leads for yesterday across the different networks .

    I may just continue advertsing with Netflip, but I will have to be carefull in selecting the offers that "hit them right in the face " when they first land on the main page .


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    Well I think the biggest change is they don't pay the member money when he clicks a link anymore, I think all they do know is the fast cash offers, but I could be wrong, haven't used them in awhile.

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