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    Could anyone recommend to me what kind of a newsletter you would use at

    There is no one focused subject group so I think it would have to be something of mass appeal. My intent is to get surfers to return to my site.

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    I would focus on "webmasters". I'm sure you personally receive several webmaster related newsletters. I would solicit them.

    There was also an excellent article posted here from the AssociatePrograms newsletter which reviewed webmaster related popunder programs. Three looked decent for your kind of thing.

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    How about a "featured sites" thing? You could describe the sites in your newsletter, then make the people come to SearchAny to actually see the sites.

    Although that would draw a lot of curiosity clicks that probably wouldn't buy sheet. So there might be a backlash from webmasters who are saavy! (The unsaavy would be delighted with the extra traaaffiic!)

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    Considering that your site is designed to help people find other sites, I'd make a newsletter to highlight The Best Of SearchAny. Every once in a while, you could send out a newsletter showing a few creative sites from your search engine with brief descriptions about them. You could even use newsletter listings as an incentive for webmasters to bid more. (the webmaster with the highest bid for a keyword gets a free newsletter listing (or something like it))


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