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    I have noticed some folks get considerable traffic from email newsletters, news groups, etc... How? I have viewed some sites extreme tracker public stats and noticed their email referrers bring a lot of traffic to their site. How do I do the same, and not be a "spammer"?

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    Well, a good email example would be a newsletter. If you sent one out weekly instead of monthly those hits would rise even more.

    As for newsgroups, I used to have my site in my sig and would get quite a few hits that way.

    Just a couple of 'non-spam' ways [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    I got the newsletter, but I only have 280 subscribers. What I am referring to above is the news groups that appear to give people hundreds, or even thousands of unique visitors a day. I have seen some stats that make it look like the majority of traffic comes from these emails... how do i get hooked up?

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    Hard to really say. I've got thousands on my newsletter list so I show a lot of email hits once a month (I simply send out a link to the online newsletter, forcing a visit to the site. That actually works a LOT better than I ever imagined)

    As for the rest, well...I've got no clue really. It'll be interesting to hear what other people think.

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    Regarding news groups

    Chuck news groups are just a way of talking like message boards if your isp provides it you can simply use your email handler like ourlook express for instance.

    If you isp doesn't provide you with newsgroups you can subscribe to some online just search for newsgroups.

    If you use outlook click tools, then select synchronize all and then fill out your information and hopefully a bunch will download to your computer.

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    so, what do i do? reply to the news groups with my link in the sig?

    Also, isn't that a way of inviting emails with viruses and stuff?

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    Big Chuck,

    You choose which email address to use when you post. It can be bogus if you want.

    If you would like to be contacted by real people, you can use something that humans know how to process, like:

    I used newsgroups quite a bit on my first site, (The graphics site you know) and sent out a monthly announcement on appropriate newsgroups about the latest news on my site. Never got a real complaint, because most people found it useful.

    I also tried to be helpful and answer where I could, with a link and a short description in my sig. Of course, it helps if the site is related to the topic your discussing.

    Getting the traffic is easy. Getting it to convert is the hard part. I have a feeling that the Usenet freaks are hard to convert.

    If I were you I would put more focus on your own newsletter.

    How can you get more signups?

    I use a small popup on exit (Pops up only once per visitor per month), where I promise not to send spam, only valuable info if they sign up to my newsletter. I even sign it with my own name.
    That popup converts 1.5% of my visitors to subscribers.

    I've stopped using newsgroups, since many of my advertisers have problems with that. But a combo of appropriate newsgroup postings and a "You will be better informed than most people on this topic with my FREE newsletter - You must be nuts if you don't sign up because I'm dead serious and not a scam"-popup could do wonders for your subscriber list.

    More info on pop-ups here

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    Use newsgroups to get subscribers to your news letter.

    Go to the appropriate newsgroups and post an ad that says something like this:

    "Free Weekly Newsletter. Click Here.

    Learn about the best bargains, coupons, new products, shopping ideas and more. Subscribe to 'Big Chucks Wonderkind Rag.'

    Everyweek you'll get some great information you can really use. And we'll NEVER sell or trade or give out your email address to anyone.

    So click here and give us a try. You can always unsubscribe if you don't like it.

    But we're sure you will like it alot. Check it out and join now. It's FREE. Click here.


    Big Chuck"

    If you post this in newsgroups - limit it to 5 newsgroups per day - that way you won't get accused of spam.

    There are about 20 or so 'marketplace' and business newsgroups you can use plus any specific groups you want to target.

    After you post always check the messages first before you re-post to see if you are still visible or in the first 200 posts. If you are still there wait a few days then repost.

    I have used this technique for years. You can expect from 5 to 10 unique visitors per newsgroup you post in everyday like clockwork. And sometime way more if you hit it right.

    You could build a niche newsletter empire doing this - It's pretty easy to get 100 to 300 newsletter subribers per month this way.

    And the best part is it's FREE.

    Also some merchants have a cow if you send them people direct from newsgroups - so build a gateway page and send people from the
    news groups to your gatway page where you create such a curiosity they must click over to the merchant.

    The key to newsgroups is a good subject line. Always include FREE if it makes sense.

    Then in the body - tell them they will learn something, get informed etc. Don't try to sell them in the newsgroup, sell them when they get to your gateway page.

    Hope this helps.

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