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    What does this mean? Is it returned because of a fault in the merchandise and the merchant sends anotherone again? Or is it returned because the customer has the right to return within a timespan? As the reversal is a cosmetic product: what could be the reason for the return?


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    Usually, it means the customer returned all or part of the order. If it was an exchange the merchant should have left the commission alone If it was a partial return, they should have done a partial reversal or credited you if they added items on the exchange.

    Customers can return items for any number of reasons. Color, size, changed mind, no longer need, etc.

    If you have questions regarding a specific reversal, perhaps that merchant can provide an explanation.

    Scott Marino

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    I got a huge "product returned" today. Lost a 49 dollar commission. I wish I knew what the product was.

    Mike McNabb

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    I am the affiliate manager for
    We reverse for returned merchandise which the customer has 30 days to try it out and return it for any reason. We don't for exchanges becuase the same amount is going back out. If you email the merchant they should be able to tell you why. I do that for my affiliates. I can tell them what was returned, when and why and that seems to help them.

    Affiliate Manager

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    I sure wish amazon did that

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    Hi Carneol,

    some merchants like offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

    So if a customer returns the merchandise within 30 days we refund their money. If it is a partial credit then we reverse only the amount that has been credited and not the entire amount.

    Ryan Scott
    Phone # : 800-649-6518

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