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    Just when I thought they found every way possible to screw me, the idiots at Overture just invented a new one...

    I just got an e-mail from my pay-per-click optimizing software company notifying me that due to a threat from Overture they are being forced out of business!!!

    I purchased this software last year for over a hundred bucks. It was running awesome and saving me hundreds of dollars each month by optimizing my Overture, Kanoodle, and Findwhat listings. During the holidays I had it porgrammed to optimize every fifteen minutes. I was virtually untouchable in the search terms that converted the best.

    Now this...

    The message states that Overture is going to sue any company that optimizes their listings without their permission. In order to gain Overture's permission, the software must be licensed by Overture and meet all of their strict guidelines. These guidelines include not allowing more than SIX automated updates per day! This is bull $%@$!

    To make matters even worse, my software came with a free updates for life, no monthly subscription, and no limit on the number of search terms it could manage. I did a little shopping and all of the companies that claim to be licensed by Overture charge around $90 a month for only 200 search terms. With over 800 search terms and rising, I have no idea what I am going to do (the monthly fee is ridiculous).

    Overture is getting out-of-hand!!!!

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    Did you look at the inbuilt management tools for the new Google AdWords Select - they've got much better bid management tools than Oversure.

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    That really IS too bad!

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    Too bad they're not going to fight the suit. I would think that Over wouldn't stand a chance... I'm not a lawyer but I doubt it would be a legally actionable offense.

    Consider how Google hates Web Position--yet I haven't heard of any lawsuits coming from it!

    The problem is probably the same thing--a lot of unlucrative traffic. And with Over, well--they don't want anybody saving money on paid listings!

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    I would think that they would stand a chance -- unauthorized server access, bandwidth costs...

    Google doesn't have to threaten lawsuits. They threaten to ban you -- much more effective threat, IMO. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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