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    Hi everyone,

    I know google doesn't follow redirect (at least i think it doesn't), so if i put a link on the redirect page, will it follow

    I have an index.html page which redirects to a index.php page teh timing is set to zero seconds but i have an image which is also linked to index.php in the file index.html. Will google follow this an index all of index.php and its links?

    Any help appreciated,

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    why not just delete your index.html and use index.php. I used a redirect once to switch directory folders and google still followed. That was last month.

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    The problem is that with the hosting im on i have to use index.html as the page my domain anmes goes to. So i have to find some way to let google get into index.php usig a redirect or likewise and spider the rest of my site.

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