<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Dear Searchany.com advertiser

Special offer: Make a deposit into your searchany.com account before april 1st
2002 and we'll double your deposit.

Searchany.com received over 250,000 pageviews in February and is on target to
increase even more in the coming months. Some of our advertisers are getting as
many as 260 unique visitors a day. So this is your chance to get some great
exposure for your website and make some money!

Unlike other pay-per-click search engines we don't discriminate against
affiliate marketing so you're free to submit links even directly to your
merchants pages.

You may also join our affiliate program and earn money from your website
traffic. This money goes into your account and can be used to buy more traffic
or cash out for an extra income. Either way you'll enjoy the many benefits of
this small but growing search engine.

Thank You
Michael McNabb


And they start you off with a free buck. You don't even need a deposit. And min is only 1 cent instead of rip-off overtures .05 and they allow affiliate sites. Small but growing. The price is right. We'll see how it goes. Time will tell.