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    This thing is way out of wack. It was already out of wack since a few months back. Now they've added another 40,000 to all the terms. I know for a fact because I printed out these same terms months ago. And now instead of say being 6,000 it's like 60,000. Who do they think they are kidding?? You can clearly tell it's off especially if you have a bunch of top rankins and aren't getting the traffic as they state you should. they're weak!! Overture - you are - the WEAKEST LINK - GOODBYE!!!

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    I think some of us have figured this out.

    From what I've learned by having my own ppc and working with others the search engines seem to use mulitple data files and send various data streams to various affiliate or search engine feeds.

    So in short what this means is oversure has a yahoo feed, an feed and many many others. Each feed can be different and include different advertisers and therefore bid amounts can also be different.

    You might rank #1 in feed xyz but they might not include you at all in feed abc

    I don't know this to be the case for sure with oversure but I do know it is with another ppc.

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    We've learned to use Overture's tool as a means of finding what is popular and what isn't. The actual numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt. We once were in a #1 spot for a keyword that Overture said got 50,000 searches a month. If that were true, we should have gotten around 5,000 clicks. Instead, we got more like a few hundred. Haven't trusted the thing since.

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    I don't believe any serious webmaster should use the Overture search tool as a measure of anything. It is badly flawed.

    Firstly, because it now includes searches done on partner sites, it gives an inaccurate idea of how many Overture clicks a particular search would get. Witness Hershey's example. Many people ignore sponsored listings, some sites like AOL make them less click worthy and so on.

    Secondly, there are thousands of webmasters and automated tools constantly checking PPC bids which skews the tool still further.

    Thirdly, Overture's partners are the major search engines and SEOs check these constantly with rank reporting tools to find out where their clients's rank, which means it is even more inaccurate.

    Ignore, the Overture search tool - it tells you almost nothing. Try Wordtracker instead, as it draws its popularity results from metacrawler - where all these problems are far, far less prevalent.

    Another tip is to sign up for Google Ad Words and use the tool there to get an idea of what is going on at Google. You don't need to put any money in your account. Check what you see here against what Wordtracker is telling you and you will have a far more accurate idea of what people are actually searching on.

    And lastly, use your common sense. Also, if you are in the UK, remember that none of these tools really reflects what UK surfers are searching on, your own gut instinct is a better bet.

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    I asked Overture about this and they told me that it's becuae they now have Overtur UK amd Overture Germany.

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    Overture suck [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

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