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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi my wife got an e-mai about some pay per clicks offering free money to give them a trial. About $20 - $25 depending on engine. Anyone got a list of all PPC engines offering such freebies?

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    429 sent this out in their
    Affiliate Newsletter ...
    I haven't checked them (the ppc's) out yet
    so I don't know their terms.

    Did you know that there are pay-per-click search engines that are currently offering free money incentives just to sign-up and try out their program? Increasing traffic to your site is one of the most important steps to improving your sales. With these free offers, now is the time to try out these programs with no obligations! We have done the research for you and all you have to do is sign-up!

    FetchSeek - $10.00 free when you sign up

    Link Modules - $10.00 free when you try out their program

    SearchHit - $20.00 free when you sign up

    SeekFindClick - $25.00 free when you join


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    January 17th, 2005
    Thanks, that is where I found this info. I have tried them. not very good. Yes you get free clicks but it is doubtful that you will get much traffic from these engines - their Alexa ratings are very poor for a search engine and when you search for keyword usage at the sites, even popular terms come out as zero searches for this month.
    I have signed up with them, will let you know if I get traffic from them.

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    I've tried a few verygoodsearch and zugbo, to name a couple, and the most hits I got in a month was two from zugbo, hehe.

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