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    recently I bought a submission software and it is very satisfying to work with. All experts say that you should submit your website once a month. The Help Section of this software says:
    * Most importantly - Submit your sites with SubmitDummy once a day
    and EVERY DAY. This ensures you stay in the search enginge listings
    since their databases often remove sites after a period of time (because
    of aging). Submitting them every day also helps you gain priority to
    the top of the results list on the engines. This means you get more
    and more traffic coming to your site and your pages stay up-to-date
    in the search engines. SubmitDummy! is one of the easiest ways to do this.

    What is wrong and what is good?


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    I don't know about once a month but if you submit once a day at least some of the search engines consider that spamming and get rid of your site.

    As far as rankings go, well, I don't know of any search engines where that would make any positive difference.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Submitting them every day also helps you gain priority to the top of the results list on the engines.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>I'm willing to eat my words if someone with more SE knowledge than I have (eg, markymark) comes along and says I'm wrong, but I believe the technical term for the above statement is Horse Doodoo. If anything, I'd expect daily submissions only "help" with getting you banned.

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    Certainly on the ODP excessive multiple submissions will only get your domain and all deeplinks PERMANTENTLY barred.

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    You know, I submitted to Yahoo and Altavista back in like 95 or 96 and haven't submitted a thing since then.

    trust me, they do not remove you (unless it's some google-blip as of late). I've always been listed, new search engines always find me on their own and I've always held a good position.

    I think the Horse Doodoo response was fairly accurate [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    I'm not sure if it is horse, but it's definitely doo-doo.

    I see no reason to ever submit a site to a search engine. The search engines have these things called "spiders" that are perfectly capable of finding your site by following links from the directories and other sites.

    It wouldn't surprise me if all they ever do with the "submissions" is use them to identify sites that use search engine spamming techniques. It's what I would use them for if I owned a search engine.

    It is certainly silly to think that any search engine bases their ranking algorithms on the frequency of automated submission. That's too funny to even consider.

    This doesn't apply to the directories (ie: Yahoo, Looksmart, Dmoz, etc). You should submit to the human-powered directories, but you should do so exactly once. If you submit to the directories lots of times, you virtually ensure that you will never be included. I suppose if you haven't been listed after a couple of months, you might want to try a second submission, but certainly not daily.

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    Nothing to add here to any of the above. Cedric is spot on as is Heather. I have been told by representatives of the major search engines that a large majority of manual submissions are ignored completely while the rest ARE used to identify spam. Submitting every day is likely to get your site flagged and there isn't a single major search engine that updates every day.

    SubmitDummy is an appropriate name for this product. Like many people here, I don't submit to search engines either (excepting paid inclusion).

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    Yes the experts that SELL search engine submissions tell you to do it every month or even every 2 weeks. So they can SELL their service.
    Anyone notice a few years ago when we were getting spam email from these people everyday... that was when it started taking so long to get listed.
    Once your site is listed it will usually stay there.

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    Jonny...I hope you didn't pay a lot for that software. As pointed out, submitting daily will more than like get you banned from many search least the ones you would never want to get banned from. Once every few months is OK, but as others pointed out...get listed once and more than likely you will stay in there. I submit usually once a month to 2 months depending on the number of updates I make. There are many search engines that do not spider...if my information changes, I will submit again after waiting an appropriate amount of time.

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