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    I'm suppose to be on a fixed bubudget with Overture. I set it at $50.00 a month and then add when I want to. I stopped using them after I spent $123.00 there this month to cut down on spending and last night they went and added another $50.00 without me saying so.

    Their traffic has sucked for me lately and I just want to use them when I want to. This really ticks me off and I would let them know about it if I wasn't afraid of them reviewing my keywords. Oh well I think they are going to hear about this anyways. I supose if they pull my main grandfather keywords that will save me some money. <IMG src=>

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    Hi Gameboy,

    If your account has -0- in it when it's
    Overtures' time to do their monthly
    deposit withdrawal, they will charge the
    full amount.

    If you have money in the account, they'll
    only withdrawal the amount to equal
    your set monthly amount.

    For instance, if you have $35.00 in your
    account at "deposit" time, they'll only
    charge you $15.00.

    They are doing this to get your account
    "ready" for the Next month.


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    I just recieved the following e-mail from Overture:
    Reference is hereby made to that certain Overture Search-in-a-Box Affiliate Program Agreement ("Agreement") between Overture Services, Inc. ("Overture") and ************ (Affiliate").

    This letter shall serve as notice that, pursuant to Section 10.3 of the Agreement, GoTo is hereby exercising its right to terminate the Agreement effective immediately. You will receive payment for traffic through April 29, 2002. Your payment will be processed after the close of the quarter,May 31, 2002.

    Thank you,

    Overture Affiliate Helpdesk

    I also noticed on their website that they do not accept any new affiliates. So Overture management obviously aren't affiliate friendly right on down to paying them!!

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