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    AOL announced today that it's signed a deal with google to provide pay per click listings. Personally, I think this will be a good thing and many more will eventually flock to google.

    Google's adwords is a bit different than overture though. You can't just bid for the #1 spot. I've found that getting a keyword first usually increases the chances of getting that #1 spot.

    I also think that having AOL users will greatly increase the value of google's adwords. AOLer's just like to spend money. The following stats are CPC numbers broken down by link partner I've had for the same keyword at overture for a while. I've been keeping these stats for one advertiser for a while to see how important various partners are:

    Link Advertiser EPC
    MSN $56.17
    Lycos $53.37
    AOL $50.51
    Cometsystems $50.23
    Dogpile $46.77
    Yahoo $39.l7
    Altavista $37.00
    Netscape $27.92
    Earthlink $27.82
    Google (keywords not same) $16.30
    Compuserve $12.18

    There are more, but these are the important ones. AOL has a good EPC, but more importantly, they also have a good volume sending a more traffic than the others. I get about 1.7 times the amount of traffic from AOL as I do from Yahoo or MSN.

    Anyway, I for one and happy to see AOL move to google.

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    January 18th, 2005
    That's an interesting post milesm. There's a lot of folks here that were predicting something like this for some time now. Tracking by link advertiser info is quite interesting as well!

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    What kind of traffic are you getting from cometsystems?

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    I get about the same as I get from Compuserve from cometsystems. There are plenty of other small players on that list. I get about 20 times the traffic from AOL as I do from comet systems. The most hits come from the following, in order from most to least:

    Google (different set of keywords)

    And there are a couple I don't have good stats for because they can't give me constant referring urls. Overture is one of those that probably belongs in the middle of that list, but I get way too many referring urls to make sense of the stats.

    And there are lots of other small players as well some show impressive EPC numbers but there just aren't enough hits/sales to make it accurate.

    I didn't realize it until now that I looked at it either. I didn't even know who cometsystems was, but take a look at

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    Comet Systems is scumware/parasitewarez and a real enduser pain in the butt. The Comet curser FREEBEE is loaded with trojan horse bombs like Morpheous and your Bonzai Buddy.

    "May 2, 2002

    AOL Replaces Overture With Google


    merica Online said yesterday that it had chosen Google to provide Web search results and the advertisements that appear next to them.

    The decision will increase Google's already healthy share of the search market and give its advertising program a stronger foothold. Google is replacing two incumbents, the search engine Inktomi and the ad provider Overture Services, which will continue to place ads on AOL services in Europe. The news sent Overture's stock plunging 36 percent, to $21.99, while Inktomi's shares dropped 24 percent, to $1.76.

    Overture and Google, which is privately held, have been squaring off recently in the increasingly lucrative market for ads tied to search results, an area that Overture has dominated. Last week, Overture announced a three-year deal to provide ads to Yahoo, and it has sued Google, contending infringement of patents, an accusation Google denies.

    Executives at the three companies said AOL's decision had less to do with advertising revenue than with the complete package Google offered, including its search results, widely regarded as the best on the Web."

    So long Overture all the bucks goto Google!!!

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    bwahh ha ha, karma -

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    I can't wait until they get to the point where they have to start accepting my ugly pages again! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Part of me loves to see AOL screw up Overture's plans for world domination, part of me is sad to see the traffic I was receiving go away from it.


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    AOL thinks they are in a war with MSN...and they know Inktomi is closely allied to MSN.
    They also think they are in war with Yahoo.

    As a result, you will see more of this aligning of the players with their big brothers.

    Overture with Yahoo. I bet Yahoo buys them sometime this year. But Yahoo has no products that can really thorw off cash and sales in much real scale.

    Inktomi with MSN. My guess is that it won't be long before INK puts up it's own PPC SE.
    First page players pay PPC, second page and beyond pay the annual listing fee.

    Google with AOL. I bet AOL will buy Google as soon as they get it integrated as the official SE of AOL.

    But word floating around is that Intel is looking to buy AOL from Time Warner. And that TW wants to sell because they had to take $54 BILLION loss.

    Also, you should bet on Billy to win because he has $40 BILLION IN CASH and whether we like it or not 'he that owns the gold makes the rules.'

    And if you think Uncle Sam will even the playing field, you must be smoking Scott McNealy dope.

    MSN owns over $30 Billion in US Government securities. They are the largest private owner of US Gov money instruments. They cash them in all at once and whatever administration is in power becomes out of power real quick.

    And the Gov would be hard pressed to do anything about it, because if they did Japan and Taiwan would cash in their stuff and we'd have one upside down government in a heart beat.

    I think INK stock is a one of the great buys of all time at $1.25 per share. The risk is
    minimal all things considered.

    As soon as Yahoo buys BendOver or AOL buys Google, MSN will buy INK. And the price will be chump change for Billy. And INK has the infrastructure already in place to win any SE battle hands down.

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    Anyone know when AOL's results will be google results instead of Ink??

    could be bad, could be good (depends on the month) [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by
    Comet Systems is scumware/parasitewarez and a real enduser pain in the butt. The Comet curser FREEBEE is loaded with trojan horse bombs like Morpheous and your Bonzai Buddy.

    That's interesting. My stats are from an affiliate program that I'm sure none of these scumware players have found. It's a custom run program that runs its own software and has its own tracking system. It's actually my best affiliate relationship...possibly because there is no scumware to steal hits so I still get credit for those sales. The fact that they are about even with Altavista in terms of traffic is kind of scary.

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    I don't know about Google's Search results, but I started getting AOLSearch traffic from people hitting my Adwords last week.

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    eaglefire: I have since read on a different forum that it will be this "Summer" when exactly that is I still don't know.

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