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    On my homepage I have three banner ads and a banner exchange ad. Does anyone know (or think) that there is a limit to the number of ads one should put on your homepage in order to get good rankings at search engines?

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    Text ads not only get more click-thrus, but also count as content to the SE robots if they contain relevant terms.

    Also helps use "ALT" text on the banners (also containing relevant terms, of course)

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    As long as you have enough text (standard, not alt text) on the page it seems to work okay. I usually have multiple banners on a page along with the ad spin. (It saves me from having to do anything with graphics (besides putting the banner code in) [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] ) The pages rank okay.

    Do use alt text with the banners, too, since the robots can read it. It is said to count less than standard text, though, so regular ad copy is still in order along with the alt text.

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