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    Hi All,

    I have a site that is often down. The site has a lot of listings in Google and has been deep crawled few days ago.

    If I move all the pages to a new server at different web hosting company, will this affect my listing?. Does Google measure the site's link popularity from domain name or IP address?.


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    Quick answer - no, it won't affect your listing at Google to move hosts. However, stay with your current one and you may find you drop out of Google for a month if they try to spider your site and it's down.

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    My hosting company rather brutally cut me over from one server to another and the DNS update took a little while.. it coincidended with a Google crawl so one of my sites dropped out. No big issue, it was a low-traffic thing anyway.

    The best thing to do is run the sites in parallel for at least a few days to make sure that the DNS change propagates properly worldwide. Just change the nameserver configuration on the domain to the new one.. if Googlebot or a visitor are still using an out of date DNS entry then it won't matter because the old site will still be running.

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