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    I have recently started an account with They have been very friendly, proffesional and helpful! I have been able to get at the top of the lists on major search terms at a fraction of the cost of the other big ppc's. (which confuses me) I asked one of their reps about it he gave me an answer about their bussiness model and who they choose to partner with. I didn't fully understand why ranking high on their terms so much cheaper than their competitors. I have recieved a good volume of traffic, and have been able to input terms on the links I am promoting with a lot less time and effort than the other ppc I have tried. So far I havn't had any sales, if I had recieved this much traffic from Findwhat I would have had atleast 2 or 3 sales right now. I have promoted more than one product at both places. Products that are very different from each other. One link is for a very well known and high performing inkjet cartridge site, and one is for a sports betting site. Both of these sites have performed well for me elswhere. I am really starting to wonder about the qaulity of 7Searches traffic??? Does anybody have any comments or suggestions?? I would appreciate any feedback.


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    They don't partner with anyone significant. Their traffic is from affiliate sites which are paid by the number of searches they generate. In this business model, you with get very poor quality traffic unless those who run the search engine are extremely selective about affiliates and spend a lot of time catching cheaters. If this is what you want, drop by and check out Heyder's program. I don't recommend 7search.

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    I make plenty with search7!

    I always double my money at least, which is pretty darn good if you ask me.

    I must confess one thing, my highest bid there is one penny, though I have 1,000s of keywords listed.

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    Thanks for the good advice!! I appreciate it.

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