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    What is the general thought on the use of purchased mailing lists?

    I kinda think it still falls under spam. How is it perceived here and by the recipient?

    Any insight appreciated.



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    Pat I.,

    I agree, purchasing and using lists of email-adresses could by highly risky. You never know how the list was compiled (i.e. real optin, or just collected from other web-sites and the owner of the emails does not know about the lists) use these lists and they will cry 'SPAM'.

    Much better idea is to build your own opt-in list and over time you will be able to send them your offers.

    Good luck

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Much better idea is to build your own opt-in list<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Your conversion rates are better if you build your own list. You want quality subscribers who want to read what your sending.

    <IMG src=>

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    I think it's funny when I see someone trying to sell "opt-in" mailing lists.

    That's kinda silly if you think it through. How many times have you ever been solicited to opt-in to a mailing list that blatantly told you that they intended to sell your email address dozens of folks who would send you whatever they wanted to send you?

    "Opt-in" requires full disclosure at the time of the opt-in. Since it's not possible for the seller of a so-called opt-in list to know what the buyer is going to use the list for, it is simply not possible that the list really is an opt-in list. The whole concept is silly.

    There are two varieties of this concept that are valid (and I recommend). Once is "co-registration". In this scenario, you become a checkbox on someone else's (or lots of someone else's) newsletter signup form. A description of your newsletter or ezine or auto-responder course or whatever is provided next to the check box. This can be legitimate. I recommend for this service.

    Another variation on this theme is a "solo-ad mailing". In this scenario, you pay to send your advertisement one time to someone else's opt-in list. You don't get the email addresses. You just get to have your message sent to them once. This is possible to be opt-in. Lot's of newsletters and ezines say something like "By signing up to receive this newsletter, you agree to receive an occasional solo advertisement". If you agree to that; you've opted in.

    You should still be careful. Some folks will claim to send your solo ad to an opt-in list, but will really send it to a spam list. I recommend that you only use solo mailings when you know the publisher of the newsletter. If you subscribe to the newsletter and have received the solos yourself, you will be in a much better position to know that you are unlikely to get spam complaints.

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    Thanks for all of the fine input. Seems like I have some valid options.

    Thanks again.


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