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    I am putting together a mailing which will be sent out to 1,000 homes in the Bloomington, Indiana area. The mailer will consist of a simple, one page brochure which has ten web sites advertised on it.

    The approach will be a straightforward, 'Check out this month's exceptional sites for terrific offers and information.'

    Each site will have a business card size space reserved on the page for their information.

    The target audience will be computer literate, wealthy, in a University town.

    For my first attempt, I will just want to break even on this deal. That is, the overall expense will be split in ten equal shares. I will have one or two sites included, and am looking for eight more to share the expense.

    My hope is that, once I have the expenses down pat I will be able to expand the service for larger mailings nationwide, and turn this into a monthly - or weekly - mailer.

    If you are interested in participating, please e-mail me a word document that contains your site info. This will be a full color mailer, so include logos. I will then put the mailer together and give you a final estimate of the cost. You will then have the option of being included or not.

    Because I grew up in the Bloomington area, I know which neighborhoods to target, so this first mailing should get a decent response.

    My only real restrictions are, No Porno, No MLM, no get rich quick sites. I want to make sure that one site doesn't scare the reader off and ruin it for the rest of us, so I reserve the right to include or not include at my discretion. I am looking for creative, interesting sites that have a theme, rather than 'Joe Bob's Mall'. (If, by any chance, there is a Joe Bobs Mall, no offense was intended, lol.)

    You may contact me at

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    January 18th, 2005
    P.S. - Also, the various advertisers will additionally be included on the home page for my new site and advertised there as 'this month's sites to visit.' The mailer will include a url to this new site with an offer to come visit us online.

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    Before you get carried away...this info might help.

    In marketing terms what you want to do is called an ad sheet.

    Sending out just 1,000 will not get you much of anything except an empty checkbook.

    To get people to actually look at it, you would need to send it first class.

    Here's the best way for you to get the most bang for your buck.

    Pick a good name for your ad sheet. Then place a few classified ads in the local papers and write a News Release that you are offering a FREE subscription to Elbows Offline Online News or whatever.

    Get a FREE subscription to Elbow's XYZ call
    (local phone number).

    Get the names and addresses - now these are the people to send the ad sheet to.

    They are waiting for it - they will read it.
    If you price the ads right - everyone wins exposure wise and you might make some sales.

    Worst case you have built a list of real in people interested in e-commerce.

    Now sometime around the end of October, you send them a BUY IT ONLINE FOR CHRISTMAS flyer. Divide the ad sheet up so you can get
    an ad for your stuff on the front and back and say 4 ads per side for others. Then figure out how much it will cost and divide that by 8 - You get your stuff sent for FREE.
    but you have to do the work of sending it out.

    You should make a profit if you do this...

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    January 18th, 2005
    Thanks for the information, Fred, I'll make use of your suggestions. Although the 1,000 count is a little now, I am viewing it as more of a trial run for me, which is why I am only charging actual cost for other affiliates to be included. Since I will be targetting neighborhoods that I am specifically familiar with, hopefully the return will be a little higher than simply spewing out letters to a random mailing list.

    I reserved the site Web Site Mailer for this project, I think tht covers the topic pretty well, and will have an online version of the flyer up soon.

    Any more thoughts from affiliates that have already gone down this road would be greatly appreciated!

    And, once again, if anyone wants to give this a shot with me, the cost will be 1/10th the actual cost of the first issue.

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