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    Just wanted to get some insight on this.
    If you send out a Newsletter, how long have you had to put one out to a few that joined, until you grew to what you are now?

    Those that don't put out a newsletter, is there much difference?

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    I've only got 2000 addresses after a year, but well worth it when I see the spike in my traffic at newsletter time... so long as what you are sending them is something that will get you some action - a very good idea... plus mine are all guaranteed to be in my chosen target area, except for the dud addresses.

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    I have 20,000 + subscribers. My newsletter (daily) accounts for nearly 75% of all revenue.

    I think the most important thing is that you keep your visitors this way.

    If you don't have a newsletter all you can do is hope they will add you to their favorites.

    Newsletters are a must.

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    How long did it take to build that 20,000 list?
    Any tips for increasing list take up?

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    My ups and downs in Google convinced me I had to get serious about building a mailing list. It was one of those things I always knew I should do, but never quite focused on. In the last couple of months I've taken it more seriously, and have had more signups than in the entire previous year.

    I used to just have a text link "Join Newsletter" which led to a separate signup page. I found that it made a ten-fold difference to have an actual signup box on lots of pages, not just a link.

    Another thing that seems to help is having a link to my privacy policy close to the signup box. Not many people click it but seeing it there seems to boost confidence. This was suggested by someone on another board and it seems to have a modest positive effect.

    I've been testing a small popup reminder in addition to the regular signup box. (It's cookied so visitors only get it once.) I don't have enough stats to be conclusive yet, but so far it seems to be making roughly a two-fold difference on the days when I'm running it. I need do some more tracking, though, to see if there's any negative correlation between running the popup and sales fluctuations.

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    Hi, yes I agree, it is well worth it when we post. Is yours daily, weekly or monthly?
    I try to do mine every few days. Sometimes I just can't get to it.
    breeze: 20k+? wowser. How long have you been at that? thats wonderful. Yes I agree too with you
    that its a definate customer keeper.
    ---------- yes I have the popup and had great succes with it. I took it down for afew week,
    and it was totally a dud with new signups. I placed it back up again and I am getting more joiners.
    It is the only pop I have installed.

    Thanks everyone!

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    # rewardme - I just send one out when I feel like it, not regular right now... When I have 20,000 I'll do it every few days probably, but that'll be... down the road a bit [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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