Hello One and all,

Well I did the usual test on the Marketleap site to see how many times it found my site and its now upto 130, WOW! I thought, thats a jump of 20. Not bad, but now only need 870 by the end of the year to reach my target (will be fun)...Anyway...

Now after that check I then do the standard search engine listing checker (for anyone who does not know it checks 28 search engines for your site). It came back and said that it had my site listed on 22 out of the 28????????? Now thats strange as a few days ago it only had the site listed on 17 of the search engines.

The biggest change was that my site is now listed on AOL, its ranked 7th when I do the search for "Glasgow Taxi" and 2nd for "Private Hire" so whats going on? By the looks of things its the listing possibly from either Google or DMOZ.

Am not complaining as I was wondering recently how to get listed on AOL as this was the last big one that I need to get on.

So folks, looks as if major changes are happening. I wonder if anyone else has had such good luck? Aint life wonderful sometimes. I was wondering why my daily hits was going up.