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    We do a link for link exchange where we post you and you post us without a graphic. We have a nice amount but would like more.

    Where to find people who don't want you to post them on your home page or sites that don't want you to have millions of visitors each month?

    We receive 6,000 to 20,000 uniques per month on both our sites and still can't find exchanges but with people who aren't yet listed in engines.

    All we find are sites that want a million hits per month or those who say we have to put them on our homepage. Our homepage would only consist of exchanges from the amount of people who want to be on our homepage.

    Any help is appreciated thanks.

    *I updated my profile my email now works. I own and it only shows under my webpages. Thanks.

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    I do not exchange links, but get lots of requests. IMO the very best way to get good incoming links is to build a site that offers useful, interesting, unique and well written content. If your site is authoratative and useful, I guarantee 100%you'll automatically get people linking to it, which, in turn, will help build your Google PageRank and ranking on other SEs.

    Sometimes, when I get a request to exchange links I propose that the other site contribute a pertinent well written article to my site ,in which case, they link to my site, and, of course, I give the contributor credit with a link back. That way, I get more content and its a win-win proposition.

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    Amberjose - tried to send you a PM but you blocked access to your email address. PM me with your email address if you want to trade a link.

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    Hi Amberjose,

    This is what I do for link exchanges ...

    (I am assuming you have a link page for
    your site)

    First make sure you have an Advanced Google
    Toolbar. You can download it at:

    You need this to view Google's Page Rank
    of webpages it lists and backward links.

    Next, Go to Google and type in a keyword
    that is applicable to your site you wish
    to find link exchanges.

    For instance if you type "gifts"
    you get ....

    Today the very first listing on Google's
    return is:

    Click on this listing, then go to your
    Google Toolbar and click on "Page Info"
    then "Backward Links"

    What comes up is your source for possible
    link exchanges! Since this listing shows
    up High on Google, the webpage/domain
    should have Lots of Backward links.

    I usually try to request a link exchange
    with the first website -- meaning --, then I ignore all their pages
    in the backward links listings and
    check each of the Other domain/websites

    Since this is showing links into, many of the pages of other
    domains showing in the backward links
    listing are "link" pages, so you'll
    easily find these page's instructions
    on exchanging links.

    Before requesting a link I make sure
    the website has a good page rank with
    Google-- at least a "4", then I add the
    website to my links page and email them a
    short note -- or follow their link exchange instructions.

    Yes, this is time-consuming, and only
    about 6-7 out of 10 will exchange links.
    Yet if you decide to do 15 or so a day,
    you could be adding 10 incoming links
    to your site a day.

    And, this will help increase your traffic
    too. I get a trickle of visitors from
    the many link exchanges -- Not a lot, but
    enough to make it worthwhile.

    Anne [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Some good notes here so far.. a few more for your list..

    Run searches at google such as "relevant keywords" + reciprocal links.. you can also try many variations of this.. this way you'll find people who are active in exchanging links within the theme of your site.

    Always add a link to their site first before sending out your request.. any email I receive that asks me to link to them first just gets sent to the trash bin..


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    Thank you so much, this will help a bunch. Things I never thought about are here.

    Thanks again!

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    For my wee Scottish site, I've started emailing sites that link to my competitors... they usually have a links page and are already inclined to linking to my type of site... and many have been quite happy to do it [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    However, you're not guaranteed they have traffic... but my plan at the moment is merely to have more sites linking to me than my competitors... just to show them up [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I've already contacted sites that are high for related keywords... that's a good place to start right enough.

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    You probably never saw this thread lots of exchanges going on there.

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