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    How to get free listings in MSN?. I have a lot of pages and want them to be spidred and included in MSN's SERPS.


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    My first thought was to say tough, pay for them. But if you can really afford to wait, what you need to do is find sites in MSN that are in Inktomi's BestofWeb database and get links into your site from these.

    You can identify these sites by doing a relevant keyword search at MSN, then mouseover-ing the Inktomi results to find sites that don't have a http://redirect-west URL. These sites are in the Best of Web database and should be your link partners. Get in a few of these and you will get into MSN for free - it will take serious amounts of time and effort though, but once you are in, you are laughing.

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    I have two sites (well actually domain names) on MSN. If I do a search on my keywords the 1st site is listed as number 3 and the 2nd site at number 6.

    I dont know how they managed to get onto MSN but I have been spending months submitting the site to as many search engines as possible, making the contect better, increasing the number of sites that link to me (this is a good idea and I am constantly looking for new links).

    I think that its sometimes luck but also hard work. From one of the descriptions it looks like that came out of DMOZ directory as I have been trying to get them to change that for nearly six months now, so that might be a bit of a give away.

    regards John

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