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    For example, if I was going to make a website on how much I love cars, and was already taken, and in the first ranking position.

    Will the search engines still rank me in that coveted top spot for the term "i love cars" if my domain name is ???

    I hope that made sense.

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    To rank well for a search phrase, having it in the domain name can help a bit but even with a "spider-food" domain you'll need well-optimized content on your pages.

    Along with that, cultivate some incoming links that have your target phrase in the link text, because some search engines (Google especially) notice what other sites say about your page and factor that into their algorithms. Having keywords in the domain increases the odds that other sites will include your keywords in their link text, but with careful choice of directory and file names, and by making wording suggestions (even providing code snippets) when you are developing link exchanges, you can get very much the same effect.

    Some webmasters hesitate to link to the style of domain. You'll need to find a balance between a domain that's good spider food and one that's attractive for humans, if link exchanges are part of your marketing plan.

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    Also brainstorm for short variants that the domain name suggestion tools don't "think" of.

    Using your example, I would also try things like... (www., .com, and dashes omitted because it's a pain to type so many)

    Cars Are Great, Car Love, Love of Cars, Awesome Cars, Cruisin Cars, Cruising Cars, Cars on the Road, I Love Cool Cars...

    Going to a site that has a "domain availability check" box and just sitting there brainstorming like that can usually yield an open domain in between 10 minutes and 2 hours. Just keep trying them until one comes up as "available" and then grab it!

    Doing it this way, I would think, would be preferable to grafting a word like "store" at the end. If something must be grafted on to come close, I personally like to put an adjective at the beginning rather than hanging something awkwardly off the end of the name.

    As for the search engines, such a close variant of the original name should get as much of a name-boost as the #1 did. Like Buckworks said, it's the other optimization which will make or break it.

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    Personally, I am not a big fan of the ultra-hyphenated domain name. It's real advantage is in ranking in Yahoo. I suspect that one of the next big algo changes (certainly for Google which seems to place the most weight on these domains) will be to ignore keywords in the domain name.

    I also have a suspicion that this type of domain gets flagged as potential spam more often than a non-hyphenated one simply because it is so easy to identify as an optimized domain.

    Other than that, Leader's advice is spot on.

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    I think that you should keep the domain name as short as possible, not for the fact about search engines etc but for the following reasons.

    1. A long domain name is hard to fit on a business card.
    2. People remember short names.
    3. People get board with long names as it just seems to go on and go and on.
    4. Its easier for people to type in if they see your name somewhere.

    One of our competitors has a long domain name with 22 characters in it, if they did what we did then they could have kept it down to 7 characters, lot easier to remember. Now they have put it on a railway bridge along with their taxi number but the taxi number is 7 digits and the email address is so long that its much smaller in size.

    So bascially what I am saying is that you have to think of things that will happen in off-line promotion of your company with your domain name. Keep it small and keep it simple.

    regards John

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