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    Now that I've got my boutique set up, I want to create a links page for it. What works best for you guys - and the SEs? Once I've decided how to lay it out, I'll be up for some link exchanging.

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    I would look for other sites similiar to yours and ask for a link exchange. You might consider calling the page other resources or partner sites.Just my 2cents worth ,good luck. :cool:

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    Thanks! I'm actually wondering how people have their link exchanges set up - if they're just doing them manually, or if they're using a link exchange program, and if so which ones are acceptable by the SEs.

    Doing link exchange for an affiliate site is different from doing it for a content site. If you've got something good to offer as far as content, you can get other sites to link to you pretty easily. If you're mainly selling stuff, content sites generally won't want to link to you (I know this from my own experience - as a content site, I only link to other content sites and I'm pretty picky about it). Since it is a different deal with the affiliate site, I'm wondering if I should go about things differently to make it effective.

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