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    Has anybody had any experience using this (good or bad)?

    I already signed up and started to see a bit of traffic from it, but would like to hear some opinions before I spend many hours submitting bulk keyword listings.

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    I used them when their minimum bid was .001 and they didn't have much traffic. Then they partnered with and there was more traffic to be had, and at first the increments were still .001, so you could beat a FindWhat bid of .01 with a GoPile bid of .011. Then they got rid of the .001 increment without notice.

    I seldom forgive when I still haven't forgotten.

    Basically, that put them in competition with my FindWhat bids on, and worse, I wasn't really sure which network got paid if someone clicked on my listing at, since they (mammma) list all the ppc engines that they see your keyword on. When my account went dry, I left it that way.

    Yesterday my Kanoodle payment wouldn't go through. It kept rejecting my CVV, even though the CVV was just fine. I think my days of ppc are numbered.

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