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    I've been promoting a merchant who enables very detailed tracking of which sales come from which links.

    I've been using this to analyze some promotions, and the results have been interesting.

    Since June 1:
    Google Adwords 1063 clicks, 13 sales
    FindWhat 241 clicks, no sales
    Dedicated mini-site (mostly Inktomi traffic, PPC not involved) 71 clicks, 1 sale.

    The Google clicks were all 5ΒΆΒ*bids.The FindWhat bids ranged from 1ΒΆΒ*to 5ΒΆ. The keyword lists were not identical, but were close. The only difference between the Google and FindWhat landing pages was the tracking codes behind the scenes.

    I had clicks from other PPC sources but the numbers are too small to comment on yet.

    I had let my account with FindWhat go dormant because of ethical concerns about their association with scumware. When I mentioned that on this board, a few other folks said that regardless of ethics, they were using FindWhat less and less because of concerns about the quality of the traffic. So far my little test backs that up, and when I've burned through the current test I won't be in any hurry to top up my deposit.

    I'm raising my bids at AdWords, though.

    Elisabeth Archambault

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    For what its worth my entire account was drained in one day with Findwhat.When I complained all they said was looks like you had a great day.The problem was 0 sales and all the clicks were for the same word that only got a couple clicks a day,then gets 800 clicks in one day. (very strange) good luck... :cool:

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    If FindWhat is not getting results, then which of the other PPCs are still good? Elizabeth says Google Adwords is working for her. I can already say that Overture is useless since they only seem to want content, and who's gonna PPC for that? Is Kanoodle still OK? Who else?

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